Carolina Goods | About
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About Us


Carolina Goods was born one evening in February 2017 during a discussion about our desire to give unique local gifts and the effort that goes into finding them. Recognizing that most people love the idea of shopping local, but don’t necessarily have the time or know where to find a large variety of locally-made products, we came up with the Carolina Goods idea. We partner with local businesses and artisans who create small-batch goods using the highest quality ingredients and materials. We curate anything from food to bath/body products, home goods and more and arrange them in attractive gift boxes perfectly suited for any special occasion or monumental event. Whether welcoming a new being into the world, thanking a client, offering comfort or bringing warmth to a new home, we want to help you make someone feel special.


All of our gift boxes have a donation built into their price that goes directly to local charitable organizations. We want to help sustain the community that sustains us.